Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Martin Skelly


I started in the travel business in a Dublin city centre travel agency in 1976 and I joined Navan Travel on January 2nd 1977.

The travel industry has been very kind to me for the past 40 years.

I have been lucky enough to water ski in the Caribbean, join game safaris in South Africa, go wine tasting in Italy, savour the fascinating delights of the Golden Triangle in India, Sail up Milford Sound in New Zealand and see Sydney Opera House and the famous Harbour Bridge from a helicopter. Throw in lunch at the CN Tower revolving restaurant in Toronto, sample the best of Spanish food on the Camino or early season skiing in Austria and you start to get a picture of why I have loved my life in travel. I have met the real Santa in Lapland and taught my sons how to body board on the French Atlantic coast. I did all this as part of my job!!! Well nearly.

My job is to help our customers turn a few week’s holidays into a lifetime of memories.

In the Irish travel industry and particularly in Travalue I am surrounded by consummate professionals who share this vision.

I was honoured to be elected President of the Irish Travel Agents Association in 2014 and proud to represent the Irish travel industry here and abroad.

Helen McCormack

Accounts Manager

I have worked in the Travel Industry since 2001.  I trained in travel and gained employment in Travalue through work placement from college.  Further training and I find myself working in Accounts in Travalue but that doesn’t stop me from indulging in my love of travel!  Over the years I have visited many destinations.  My favourite destination would have to be, Cairns in Australia.  It is like a little oasis with a gorgeous tropical climate and everyday brings a new adventure with so many amazing activities to take part in or sights to see.

Having a family now I find camping is a great option.  It’s safe and secure and ticks all the boxes for my family’s needs.

I get all the best travel advice from my colleagues so why shouldn’t you!

Olivia Flanagan

Senior Travel Consultant

I have worked in the Travel Industry for 10 years.  I have visited Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Egypt, Paris, Rhodes, Turkey.  My favourite place to visit would have to be USA it is filled with countless things to do and see.  There is something for everyone from the bustling cities steeped in history, the national parks and the white sandy beaches.  I am passionate about travel and I love to share my travel tips and recommendations with my customers.  My goal is to ensure that my customers have an enjoyable holiday that is hassle free filled with fun and laughter and at the best value!                

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to arrange your next holiday.  

Sharon Moore

Senior Travel Consultant

I have worked in Travalue since 2003. 

In that time I have travelled to some amazing countries where I have met some wonderful people, tasted different types of food and experienced local cultures.

I have travelled all over the world Orlando, Miami, New York, Chicago, Med and Caribbean Cruises, Dubai, Morocco, Malta, Camping in France, Holland and Italy to name but a few with many more adventures planned for the coming year.

To be able to travel opens a whole new world that needs to be explored at every opportunity.  I am more than willing and able to advise and help you in any aspect of your travel requirements.

Diane Potter

Travel Consultant

In 2021 my love for travel led me down a new career path towards Navan Travel and Uwalk: Walking Holidays.  I lived in Malta for 10 years where I worked in hospitality management. During my time there I enjoyed meeting tourists from Ireland and all over the world while they spent their holidays exploring the Maltese Islands.My love for travel has also taken me to Athens, Rhodes, Crete, Spain, Tenerife, Sicily, Holland, Morocco, New York, Florida, my favourite holiday destination New Orleans, and a solo adventure across Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  I also enjoy walking and hiking holidays and have been on the Camino de Santiago, and hiked in both Morocco and Scotland.I believe everyone should get the very most out of their hard earned 2 weeks off. So whether you seek sun sea and sand, a solo adventure, wellness break, or group trip... I'm happy to help.


Rachel Walsh

Travel Consultant

I have worked in the travel industry since 2017.  I have travelled to diverse destinations such as New York, Dubai, The Canaries and Crete.  Having sailed with MSC Cruises, I have a keen understanding of cruising.

I have a passion for travel, and I am not near finished with travelling around the globe.  I am ready to help you explore the world offering a personalised touch.

The world is truly your oyster, allow me to use my expertise to guide you to your dream destination!

Louise Taaffe

Travel Consultant

I have worked in the Travel industry since 2018.  I have always loved travelling.  Travel is such an interesting industry to work in, fast paced constantly changing, meeting and talking with people.  I'm constantly learning and upskilling to provide the best service to our customers.

I believe what you spend on travel you get back with memories and experiences that opens the mind to learning about new cultures and destinations as well as time to relax and cherish time spent with loved ones.  These experiences can be remembered for a lifetime and treasured with family and friends.

My colleagues and I are here to help with any advice or travel plans you may have.