Make a Break for Adventure with Royal Caribbean

Make a Break for Adventure with Royal Caribbean

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Make a Break for Adventure with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines


1969 was a momentous year in many ways. Hundreds of thousands flocked to Woodstock in upstate New York, a music festival that would define the era, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans ever to set foot on the moon, and a new cruise line appeared on the scene that would set the standard of what was to come.

Today, nearly fifty-five years later, Royal Caribbean Cruises has grown into one of the world’s most popular cruise companies, with 22 ships in its fleet, including the largest cruise liner in the world, Wonder of the Seas, visiting a total of 267 destinations across the planet. If you want the biggest and boldest, then look no further.




The words spoilt for choice come to mind. Whether you’re looking to cruise through the Caribbean, Alaska’s icy last frontier, visit South-Pacific islands that will completely reinvent your idea of paradise, or meander slowly around the Mediterranean while experiencing the very best of European history and culture, Royal Caribbean Cruises ticks every box.  





With 22 ships flying under its banner, there’s something for everybody. Maybe you’re looking for something a little smaller, more intimate, or perhaps you’re looking for the record-breaking ships that have cemented Royal Caribbean Cruises as the cruise company that is willing to go further than its competitors.

If you want big, this is where you come. Royal Caribbean Cruises not only occupies the number one spot when it comes to the largest cruise liner in the world, but it also occupies the reaming four places of the top five. That’s right, you need to go down to number six to find a ship that isn’t Royal Caribbean Cruises. 

And yet, it’s not all about size. Royal Caribbean Cruise ships come with cutting-edge designs, first-of-their-kind attractions, world-class dining, and accommodations. You need to see them, to really believe them.   


Perfect Day at Cococay


As great as cruises are, it’s always nice to get your feet on dry land - but Cococay is quite unlike anywhere else in the world.

This pearl of an island is part of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas and measures less than a mile from east to west and rough 500 metres from north to south. It’s small, compact, and home to more fun than you’ll ever know what to do with it.

Many Royal Caribbean Cruises stop at Cococay for several days, allowing their passengers to leave the ship and enjoy the excellent waterpark, stunning beaches, and wide selection of bars and restaurants - not to mention activities such as zip-lining, air balloon rides and the tallest water slide in North America.   

Whatever your vibe, you’ll find it on Cococay.   


Food and Drink


While you’re on holiday, you deserve the best, and with Royal Caribbean Cruises, the food and drink available are second to none. Perhaps you’re after Sushi one day, pasta the next, and Mexican after that - why limit yourself or your palette? 

Food served on all the ships is prepared and served to the highest quality possible, meaning fresh ingredients, innovative menus, and staff that wouldn’t be out of place in a fine-dining restaurant in London or New York.

Food packages are also available across the Royal Caribbean fleet, with the “3 Restaurant Package” a great way to diversify your meal times while making big savings, while the Unlimited Dining Package means just that - whatever you want, whenever you want it.   


Action-Packed Adventures


Got a bucket list? Then bring it along because there are plenty of thrills and spills available on Royal Caribbean Cruises.

From surf simulators to boomerang slides, from Escape Rooms to Zip Lines, however you get your kicks, you’re bound to find it on one of the ships. And there’s more. Skydive simulators, fencing classes, trapeze schools, archery, laser tag, climbing walls - we could go on, but you probably get the drift.


Shore Excursions


Great shore excursions are the difference between a good cruise and a spectacular one. Royal Caribbean knows how important this is, so they don’t hold back. Wherever you are in the world, you can expect trips on land that stay with you for the rest of your life.  

Maybe that’s hiking through the Alaskan tundra or up through one of Norway’s most astonishing fjords, learning about traditional cooking in Greece or Italy, or visiting ancient ruins in Mexico. Excursions can often be done in groups, or you can do a private tour if you need a bit of time away from the crowd.


Great for Families


There are few types of holidays better equipped for families than cruises, and with Royal Caribbean's flagships, there is almost too much to choose from. Each day there are an array of shows and activities for all ages and tastes. So whether your kids want to simply play in the water park all day, learn how to trapeze with a trained professional, or explore the arcades, you’ll find something to keep the little ones happy and occupied.

There are also plenty of shore excursions that are specifically designed for kids, or if you feel like having the boat to yourself, why not simply hang out onboard with the children while everybody else flocks onto land?   


Spa & Relaxation


Your time away is when you deserve some TLC, and on any Royal Caribbean ship, you’ll find outstanding spas offering a wide selection of treatments, such as facials, pedicures, massages, exfoliants, as well as more rigorous activities, such as fitness class and yoga.

Every ship also has a steam room and sauna, along with a dedicated area where you can go to relax and unwind. When you get back to your home country, you should be feeling refreshed and rejuvenated - and probably dreaming of doing it all again soon.   


Entertainment & Nightlife


You are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment and nightlife. There most difficult part of it is deciding what to see and when. From dazzling Broadway musicals, such as Hairspray, CATS, and Mama Mia, to stand-up comedy, the captivating open-air Aqua Theatre, circus performances, and ice shows, you’ll never be bored on one of Royal Caribbean's ships.

If you fancy a little flutter, why not head to the casino? If you feel like working those vocal cords, maybe karaoke is where you should be heading? Each ship hosts different themed parties throughout the cruise, such as Time Warp, or Tiki Time, perfect to let loose and strut your stuff.


However, maybe after an action-packed day, you simply want a quiet place to sit down and enjoy a few drinks. Every Royal Caribbean ship comes with a wide array of bars to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a peaceful one or two or want to dance the night away to some 80s classics, the choice is yours.     


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