October Visit to Rhodes, Greece

October Visit to Rhodes, Greece

Friday 03 December 2021

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece and is also the Island group's historical capital. It is filled with enchanting villages if you look in the right places.

I travelled in what would be classed out of season in October and it didn’t disappoint. It is a nice alternative to the Canary Islands for October if you are looking to get good temperatures. There were fewer crowds, and weather was between 24 degrees to 26 degrees which was ideal, as in peak season you can get anywhere from 24 to 34 degrees. There was an odd shower of rain once or twice during our stay but as quick as it came, it was gone. Nights were chilly, so a light jacket is handy to have. The flight from Dublin is roughly 4 and half hours direct with Ryanair. We stayed in pefkos which is south of the Island, about an hour from the airport. I would advise to arrange transfers prior as a taxi is roughly €80 each way.


Pefkos is a beach resort which has a soft sandy beach, water sports, hire out a boat for a few hours and sail along the coast by yourself is well worth it and one of the highlights of our trip. Lee's beach is where it’s all happening, from restaurants to night life and a soft sandy beach with water sports, ideal for couples or families wanting a busy area without the nightlife being on top of you, and having the best of both beach and all other amenities, with plenty of bars and beautiful Greek restaurants who cater for all tastes.

We stayed in White Olive Premium Lindo’s which has all been remodelled and was beautiful. I couldn’t fault it, we just found it lacked atmosphere and if I were to go again to the same area I would stay in the Finas Apartments or Pefkos Blue Apartments all of which are a 10 minute walk from beach. Eagles Nest Hotel is based about 20 mins from the beach, it is on a hill but it has fab views of coastline from that hotel regardless of where you stay, it’s a beautiful town and a great base for traveling around the island. I found Pefkos in general to be great value for money. On average, a 3 course meal and bottle of wine would be €70 per couple. Pefkos is an ideal base for family or couples, and families looking to relax. It is 10 mins by local bus, about €1.80pp or taxi €9 each way to Lindo’s, the main attraction on the island.


Lindos is an enchanting little village with cobbled streets, bars and shopping for local crafts and goods

You can walk to the very top of Lindo’s to the ruins of acropolis, good footwear or runners advised when you get to the top there are beautiful 360 views of the landscape and great scenic photo opportunity’s after the walk back down it’s well worth stopping in Lindo’s for a bite to eat on one of the many roof top restaurants, it really is a treat to sit there with the sun shining down and glass of wine in hand taking in the atmosphere and views.

Tours worth taking:

Beautiful Island of Symi fishing village

Island of Halki:

It's not for everyone but I found it to be good. Halki a tiny island on the Northeast coast, and the day trip is a long day with 7:30am pick up, and return at about 6pm to your hotel. The island is inhabited by only 200 people and unspoilt. It is very simple but so memorable, as it has secluded beaches where you can feel like you’re alone on the island like time has stood still.

All Vehicles on the island are electric, given 1 or 2 vehicles, and are few or far between. It's main transports would be boat taxis to go to different beaches on the island with coves ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

No water sports or commercial tourism it’s so unspoilt with the quaint village that looks like you stepped into a Instagram travel post, just perfection. If you love your sea food the restaurants here are so friendly and everyone knows each other and love to chat to you about the history on the island. There are no shops to buy souvenirs only 1 craft shop, and the rest the locals grow or buy from the boats that arrive into port.

There are many beautiful beaches on the Greek island of Rhodes. However, one of them is unique and one of a kind, this is Prasonisi Beach, where two seas meet: the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. While there, you can swim in the Aegean Sea and jump into the Mediterranean Sea in a few seconds. You can only reach this beach by taxi or car hire but it is worth it only if you have a good sunny day as on an overcast day you won’t get the spectacular views or colour of the seas. Rhodes town has 2 parts to it, the new and old town. The new town It actually surprised me how good the shopping in the new town was with a very cosmopolitan city with restaurants and jewellery and clothes and it has all major high street brands like M+S, Zara and sportswear along with Greek clothing shops that look so high end. Rhodes would be a town a lot of cruise ships dock in and it can get quiet busy in the height of the summer season, so off peak is nice not to have the crowded streets. It’s about 45 mins from Pefkos by bus which goes from the main square in Rhodes town and costs about €12 return per person. Most of the tours to islands or sunset cruises go from Rhodes town and are available to buy with providers in the Marina area. The Old Town: Do not let the word medieval mislead you, it is very much a thriving town, not deserted or in ruin. The Old Town in Rhodes is beautiful, something like a Disney movie set that reminded me of Aladdin every time I went around another corner it just was mind-blowing how beautiful an old medieval town with over 200 narrow cobbled alley streets is perfectly intact, and although it’s a UNESCO world culture heritage site, it is inhabited both by shops restaurants and byzantine, and over 6000 residences that live within the walls of this town, from the art and workmanship from doors to stone it’s a delight to be withheld.

I first visited there during the day and loved it so much I went back to see it at night time and it was magical when lit up with lanterns lighting up the cobbled streets. You can get a guided tour of the Old Town or ramble around, either way its not to be missed if you are going to Rhodes

Tips: Lardos village was not worth it and would not recommend staying there. Lardos beach is lovely area and has some lovely hotels along the beach, but car rental would be needed to get around in this area. The east of the island beaches tend to be more rocky and pebbles. If you are looking for a soft sandy beach, Lardos beach or Pefkos. Lindos beach is the area with lovely soft sandy beach areas on the south west coast of the island. Food is beautiful and fresh on the Greek islands and so many beautiful restaurants to choose from you won’t be left wanting or disappointed, great value and found locals so helpful and friendly. Plan your days as tours sell out fast to Smyi and Halki, and be prepared for a full day tour up early in the mornings and back late evening. The island is easy to explore if renting a car and prices are roughly €300 for a week and can be rented from Marathon beside the airport. Your travel agent can also take the hassle out of it and arrange it for you in advance. I would recommend Rhodes as a nice alternative for winter sun in September or October and a change if you want something else that time of year apart from the Canary’s islands. Once you visit one Greek Island you will be in love - from shopping, nightlife, friendly locals, and the divine beaches and you will have to visit the rest of the Greek Islands. 





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