Latest Updates on Travelling again - All your questions answered!

Latest Updates on Travelling again - All your questions answered!

Wednesday 28 April 2021

In these uncertain times, the question of travel -  when?  what if?, and why? are foremost on everyone’s mind. The biggest question as to ‘When can we travel again?’ is one which there is no definitive answer for yet. But the introduction of the Digital Green Certificate means we can be more hopeful that our days of travelling to our favourite destinations are closer than we think! team is following the advice from the Government, tourism bodies and organisations to ensure we are up to date with the latest advice for all countries and destinations that we visit. Here are some answers to your top travel questions:


What is the Digital Green Certificate?

The Digital Green Certificate is aimed at facilitating quarantine free travel within the EU, and is planned to be in place in June. The aim is to allow free movement of people in Europe by proving that a person has a negative test result, been fully vaccinated, or has recovered from Covid-19.


What is Ireland’s Current position on Foreign Travel?

There is a Government Advisory in place against all non-essential international travel, with fines of €500 issued for those caught travelling overseas for non-essential reasons.

- A negative PCR test is required for all visitors coming into Ireland that has been taken within 72 hours of arrival. Visitors from Northern Ireland, essential workers and children under  six are exempt – more information visit

- Mandatory hotel quarantine has been introduced for arrivals who have been in any high risk country in the previous 14 days, or who fail to produce a negative PCR test on arrival. This list of countries is subject to change and will be updated here.

- Arrivals from all other countries have to self-quarantine at home for 14 days, but may exit quarantine with a negative or ‘not detected’ PCR test taken 5 days following their arrival at the earliest. 

- Passenger Locator Form to be completed on line before you enter Ireland.


Do I have to be vaccinated before I can travel?

This will depend on the country you wish to visit. Some countries such as Australia, New Zealand etc are still closed to visitors, other countries and cruise lines will only accept vaccinated visitors. However, many countries will accept visitors who provide a negative PCR test taken no less than 72 hours before arrival. Travel within the EU looks likely to be less restrictive with the implementation of the Digital Green Certificate.


Do I get a refund if my flight or holiday is cancelled?

In general terms, if a flight or holiday is cancelled you are entitled to a refund, if you decide you don’t want to travel, but the flight is operating, you are NOT entitled to a refund. 

Airlines will contact you by email if they are cancelling your flight. If the flight is cancelled you will receive a refund, if not, you will have to change departure dates.  


Will holiday prices rise after COVID-19?

It is difficult at this stage to predict how trip prices might be affected but some increase is very possible. The pandemic and global travel restrictions will likely mean additional capacity constraints. Destinations that are deemed safe and open to travel will see additional demand, while many countries will also see an increase in domestic tourism from residents. Some accommodations and cruise liners might reduce their capacity to ensure safe distancing, and airline & ferries schedules may remain reduced, meaning flight capacity is lower.

The price when you book is the price you’ll pay, with an absolute no-surcharge guarantee.

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