Walking in Portugal with uWalk.ie

Walking in the Footsteps of Greatness

As a late life convert to the “sport “ of walking I was particularly energised by the positive statement of leading USA athlete Ann Green when she recently said “Walking improves fitness, cardiac health, alleviates depression and fatigue, improves mood, creates less stress on joints and reduces pain, can prevent weight gain, reduce risk for cancer and chronic disease, improve endurance, circulation, and posture, and the list goes on…”

Wow, I said bring it on!

As regular visitors to the Algarve, we decided we would do something different and not to slip into holiday lethargy, we opted for a walking holiday with uWalk.ie

What a pleasant surprise we had, having literally opened a treasure chest of enticing adventures. Interestingly uWalk.ie offer a stunning portfolio of walking holiday experiences. Conveniently our itinerary had us based not far from one of their walking tour bases in Tavira, the Venice of the Algarve.

Tavira, is a quaint small town located 28 Kilometres east of Faro in the Algarve but steeped in 2000 years of hugely interesting and diverse history. Originally established by the Phoenicians, then occupied by the Romans, Moors and Christians, the region is a treasure trove of interesting sights to see, all of which are best experienced on foot.  The town of Tavira straddles the River Gilao, which expands into an estuary, forming inlets and lagoons.

which create the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Tavira Island has a long, sandy beach, plus salt pans that attract an amazing variety of wildlife including, flamingos, spoonbills and other wading birds.

The legacy of the historical past blended with modern living offers walkers a stunning variety of sights to see, amidst changing landscapes, seascapes, and townscapes.

Beach walking, orange grove ambling, and hillside trekking are all possible in a single walking tour with options to walk 13 Kms to 17 kms if preferred.

We opted on Day 1 for the Cacela Velha /Cabanas walk, which commenced with a visit to a cemetery and ended 14kms later in a Tavira wine bar!!

The following we ventured out on the Ilha Tavira loop. The Tavira Island Loop encompassing Santa Luzia (17Kms) includes a Tavira town walk, salt flats visit, a ferry trip to the island, a 4 Km beach walk and a train ride back from the island to the mainland

 Both walks were jaw droppingly beautiful to experience in glorious sunshine in fine Autumn weather

The wide variety of architectural, historical and natural wildernesses, intermingled with modern regional cultural life, on safe modern pathways combine to offer a rewarding walking challenge as well as an educational and mind cleansing encounter.

uWalk.ie certainly offer a cornucopia of opportunities and adventures to make walking in Portugal a highlight of the walking holidays lifestyle.